Today is...

as beautiful as other days

but you realize

another year has gone

in a blink of the eyes


Do you know..?

today is just special

so special to you

that's why

Let's make it...

the best celebration ever

and let me share...

a piece of happiness to you

I made all this...

as a birthday present to you

thanks for being there

thanks for the friendship we made

thanks for everything

I wish you all the best

May your life be at ease

May all your wishes come true


your ambitions

you live as a free bird...

flying in the blue sky

Now things are different...

real story of your life

is just about to begin


this life is not easy as we thought


don't worry

don't be afraid


you are not alone in this world


this year will be better

and I hope

you'll find...

happiness along the way

keep your spirits up

enjoy every single moment...

that you experiecne today

fill it with your most beautiful smile

and make it the best memory..


I'd like to wish you one more time

a very happy birthday Sakshi Pandey

Thank u and Best Regards Abiral :)